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2017  blog pricing :   Please contact me with any questions at ,

2017  Annual subscription       $36*12=$432 ( Yearly)-  NOT  Everybody are eligible for that membership ( includes  all charts)

2017   Quarterly subscription   $55*3=$165  ( January 1st – March 31st) for plus content

2017  monthly                              $75  month to month for plus and $30 for Premium

Premium content includes SPX charts with intra-day comments  and Contributor input

Plus includes SPX charts plus all other charts like( DUST,NUGT,UGAZ,FB,AAPL,TSLA,….etc full content)


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There will be absolutely no refunds on partial monthly,quarterly ,…..etc subscription fees .  There will be “Flat” refund of $50 on annual subscription fee if canceled in first 90 days after 90 days there will be NO-refunds  . Annual subscription will be offered only once a year in month of December for next year. Cancellation for the next month of service ( annual subscriptions only first 90 days) must be provided to Tradingdevices 10 days  prior to the end of the current month.